1. Talk about Data Science and cooperation between universities and industry on Science-popular conference Brain&Ukraine (in Ukrainian), Kyiv 2017 
  2. Reportage “How to become a Data Scientist?” to Take IT Easy (in Ukrainian), Kyiv 2017 
  3. Talk about Artificial Intelligence and analytics- expectations and opportunities (in Ukrainian), TEDxUCU, Lviv 2017 
  4. Speach Future education in Big Data and analytics (in Ukrainian), iForum, Kyiv 2016 
  5. Speech in Shuster LIVE Studio about freedom of speech in Ukraine (in Ukrainian), Kyiv 2016 
  6. Interview “How Canada helps to Ukrainian scientists and ATO?” to 5 chanel (in Ukrainian), Kyiv 2016 
  7. Course (6 lectures) “Introduction to Data Science, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence” in Ukrainian Catholic University (in Ukrainian), Lviv 2015 
  8. Reportage about “Families helping families” in the Ukraine Crisis Media Center (in Ukrainian), Kyiv 2015  
  9. Lecture about business analytics and data science in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (in Ukrainian), Kyiv 2015 
  10. Interview to UA:Sumy (in Ukrainian), Sumy 2015